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Enjoy your pool without the all the hard work with our services!

With the Pool Valet’s Gold Coast pool servicing, it’s easy to maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.
I will ensure that the chemical balance is maintained, your equipment is cared for and the pool surface is protected.
Now you can have a pool that you can be proud of all year round.

Our pool services include:

  • Scheduled Pool & Spa servicing – to suit your every need
  • Casual Care – for those unexpected problems 
  • Vacation Care – for peace of mind while you are away enjoying your holiday
  • Damage Control – when water quality is suspect, we can fix it!
  • Special occasion cleaning – we can ensure your pool is looking great!
  • Pool advice and assistance – for those who are new to pools
  • Maintenance and Repairs – when your pool equipment isn't working like it should
  • Leak Detection – when you feel you are using more water than usual
  • Pool Resurfacing – when your older pool needs updating

Contact the Pool Valet   or 0401 622 291 to arrange a free pool inspection with Grant. It's time to enjoy your pool!

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It's time to enjoy your pool!